George Floyd #BlackLivesMatter

1, 10, 100 George Floyd. L'Europa denuncia le violenze della polizia

  • Violenze a presunta matrice razzista, spesso rimaste impunite. Sulla scia del caso di George Floyd anche l'Europa si indigna. Problema endemico e strutturale? La nostra inchiesta in FranciaView on euronews

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Rabbia sulle statue di Cristoforo Colombo

Le proteste che continuano a dilagare negli Stati Uniti dopo la morte di George Floyd non risparmiano le statue di Cristoforo Colombo. A Richmond, in Virginia, i manifestanti, dopo aver divelto il monumento e averlo avvolto in una bandiera statunitense, danno fuoco al vessillo e lanciano la statua in un lago. A Boston, invece, la statua del navigatore italiano è stata decapitata. Cristoforo Colombo è considerato il padre del colonialismo di conquista, anche per questo molte città degli Stati Uniti hanno annullato il Columbus Day del 12 ottobre per sostituirlo con una giornata dedicata agli indigeni americani.
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  • The Independent

    Prince William urges the public to follow the Queen’s example and get Covid jab

    ‘I am very proud of my grandparents’ said the Duke

  • Yahoo Style UK

    Prince William 'proud' of Queen for having COVID-19 vaccine

    William said the vaccine programme is 'tremendous' as 3m people across the UK get their first dose.

  • Sky News

    COVID-19: Prince William 'proud' of Queen and Duke for getting COVID jabs as he urges 'everyone' to get the vaccine

    Prince William has said he is "very proud" of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh for getting their coronavirus vaccinations. During an online discussion with NHS staff and volunteers, the future king also said it was "really important" that "everyone" gets a jab "when they are told to". The Queen's decision to go public about receiving the jab is a "significant endorsement" of the UK's vaccination programme, said Sky News' royal correspondent Rhiannon Mills.

  • The Telegraph

    Prince Charles tries to save forgotten art of wood carving after warning it could be lost for future generations

    The Prince of Wales has long championed traditional craftsmanship, warning it is among the “life-enhancing, timeless opportunities” that could be lost to future generations. And he fervently hopes that by becoming patron of the 300th anniversary celebration of Grinling Gibbons, the greatest wood carver in British history, he can help inject a new lease of life into a dwindling art. The Prince’s genuine passion for heritage crafts makes him “uniquely qualified” for the patronage of the Grinling Gibbons Tercentenary, which will span a year from August. He also embodies a connection with the Crown that Gibbons enjoyed throughout his career, having risen from obscurity to be commissioned by Charles II, James II and William III. The Prince, 72, hopes the celebrations, which will include a national exhibition, public debates and lectures, will highlight the influence Grinling had on craftsmanship and become a source of inspiration for new generations of carvers and sculptors. “The Prince is a great supporter of conservation heritage skills and it will hopefully encourage people to get involved,” a source close to him said. Mark Aspinall, chair of the Grinling Gibbons Society, which was established to plan and coordinate the festival, said: “As Patron, His Royal Highness brings recognition to the indelible mark that Grinling Gibbons has left on the cultural identity of the nation.”

  • The Independent

    Prince William says witnessing death as air ambulance pilot made world a ‘darker’ place

    Duke of Cambridge is ‘worried’ about effect of coronavirus pandemic on frontline workers

  • The Independent

    Prince Harry left ‘heartbroken by the situation with his family’, says friend

    ‘They wrestle with their position in life – I think they all do’, says journalist and author Tom Bradby

  • Sky News

    Duke of Cambridge: Trauma makes the world seem a 'darker, blacker place'

    The Duke of Cambridge has spoken of his concern about the pressure faced by emergency workers during the coronavirus pandemic, saying his work as an air ambulance pilot showed him that being surrounded by trauma and sadness can make you see the world as a "darker, blacker place". Prince William shared his experience as part of a video call accompanied by the Duchess of Cambridge, talking to counsellors and frontline workers about what mental health support is out there for those working in the blue light services and within the NHS. William and Kate's charitable trust The Royal Foundation has partnered with NHS England, NHS Improvement and the Department of Health and Social Care to help fund Hospice UK's Just 'B' support line.

  • Evening Standard

    Duke and Duchess of Cambridge warned of ‘broken’ emergency workers after Covid

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been warned that the UK faces a generation of “broken police officers and emergency services staff” after the Covid-19 pandemic. The comment came as William and Kate chatted with emergency responders and counsellors, and the duke shared his own experiences of seeing “death and so much bereavement” when an air ambulance pilot, and how it affected his world view. William also revealed his concern for those on the front line of the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, saying he “really worries” about the effect on their lives of seeing “such high levels of sadness, trauma and death”.

  • Yahoo Style UK

    Prince William reveals his fears for NHS workers - 'You see the world as a darker place'

    William worked as an air ambulance pilot for two years and has previously said it affected his mental health.

  • Yahoo Style UK

    Prince Harry 'heartbroken' over family situation but 'content' in California, according to friend

    Tom Bradby, a friend of Princes William and Harry, said he has 'felt a little bit caught in the middle' of the two brothers.